I have had Netatmo Presence for about a year. Through good times and bad.

Netatmo Presence is super easy to setup, install and run. It will require a bit more than a standard router to run. I bought my self a new router so I could control all settings my self instead of the internet provider's standard router.

State: TOO_small

I experiences multiple times that after a interruption within the house, that my Netatmo Presence stopped working and gave me an error:

Video Unavailable. Check the SD card. state:TOO_SMALL

That freaked me out! I even cursed! Now i've been in contact with Netatmo Support 2 times and they've sent me a new SD card, gave me some tips etc. and they will always says that the SD card is broken.

Det er det ikke!

Solution, now!

I would call this a bug, but I sorted it - and it worked for me each time this happend.

  1. Kravl op til dit kamera
  2. Open the bottom of the camera.
  3. Carefully pull out the SD card
    1. You may see some silicon oil that would make it water proff on the SD card
    2. Carefully remove the oil from the chip set.
    3. There will be plenty for the card when its back in.
  4. Insert the SD card again.
  5. Done! Tjek your app. Your camera should be up and running very soon again.

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